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Sell Your Music

More fans, and larger audiences means greater exposure and more music sales and higher performance ticket sales and attendance . Do not just limit yourself to the regular music venues and hope your name gets out there. Make use of the less conventional routs for self promotion.

Participate in the Music Media Entertainment Group online community, Implement a well planned public relations campaign, Leverage the Music Media Entertainment Group advertising platform, Participate in Music Media Entertainment Group events, and take advantage of the program below to get some cash in right away and get your music out into the mainstream corporate world.


We buy your music for our cash!

The Music Media Entertainment Group is building an online music library of original works to be made available as stock music to industry for a variety of uses.

In recent months we have been approached by a number of clients; searching for stock music clips, and songs that would be appropriate for use in corporate presentations, Marketing podcasts, commercials, training videos and multimedia presentations.

The music needs to be inexpensive, original, and not in the public domain. The objective is to make their presentations unique. Well as part of the Music Media Entertainment Group’s six sigma approach to quality and customer satisfaction our customers speak and we listen, and that is why they keep coming back. The result is this program.

You want  cash and we want stock music, so the program is simple.

Any musicians and groups that write their own original materials are eligible for this program. I regret that remakes of popular songs do not qualify. The content must be original and must not have been played, issued, or distributed in the public domain ever.  The songs may have lyrics or may be instrumental only. The recordings do not need to be studio quality but they do need to be clear and free of background noise and hiss to be considered.

All the music purchased through this program will remain the property of the Music Media Entertainment Group and will be used under license by our clients. As part of their agreement with us they must provide full credits to the original artists for all audio used. This will ensure that all artists participating in this program receive recognition and full credit for their hard work. The amount paid per song or per group of songs will very depending on the quality and clarity of the recording, as well as on the quality of the music itself.

Any musicians or songwriters wishing to submit their original works to this program should contact us using our “Contact us” page and submit a request with the subject line “Original Music Purchase program”. Complete the form and in the comments section tell us about your work and indicate the type of music that you perform. Tell us how many original works you wish to submit and indicate if you have ever sold any music to anyone at all in the past.

Once your message has been received, and reviewed, one of our staff will contact you with further details. All music submitted for review must be accompanied by the lyrics in text format (if they exist) along with a recording of the song and the printed sheet music.

If you have original work that you think might work in a commercial setting then let us know!