About Us

Music Media Entertainment Group


To bring new talent to the public. Our approach is to provide an internet based community that nurtures and supports the creative talent of our clients and assists them in realizing their career goals.



The industry is changing and so must we. Our audiences are becoming more sophisticated and more demanding. It’s not enough to sing well, they want to be entertained, and distracted from their day to day and often high stress lives. They want quality entertainment that keeps them engaged and entertained.

We use the latest six sigma quality improvement programs and techniques to assist the entertainment industry, including  new entertainers, performers, and musicians to focus on the actual needs of their customers and audiences and drive them to raised levels of profitability.



To find and develop new tools that will assist our clients in managing their careers, build their popularity, increase their exposure, plan their tours, cultivate their fan base, explode their earnings, understand the needs of their customers or audiences, and protect their media from online piracy.

To provide our clients with the most up-to-date information available including new sources of funding, new products, the latest in marketing techniques, new venues, and new places to sell and market their music. Our goal is to help your target audience find you, and help you, to keep them coming back for more!



The Music Media Entertainment Group was founded in 2005 in Toronto Canada. The group recognized that the music industry is changing and it is becoming harder then ever for amateur musicians to break into and become successful in today’s competitive market.

The globe is becoming smaller, and the market for entertainment professionals is becoming larger and larger. Huge entertainment conglomerates are closing in and taking over. Multinational agencies with huge budgets are filtering and selecting the music and movies that they feel we want to hear and see, and new talent is finding it harder and harder to compete.

Seed money for bands and new groups is harder to get and launching a new band, act or group is harder then ever. Well the Music Media Entertainment Group is here to help!



Lionel Poizner – PresidentAn engineer by profession, specializing in quality systems, and continuous process improvement. He has a bachelor of Engineering from Ryerson University in Toronto Canada and is a Six Sigma Black Belt. His interest in music started as a teenager playing trumpet and guitar. He then developed an interest in staging, and sound engineering and began his work behind the stage, leading into the sound engineering and music production fields.