Music Piracy

Not sure whether online Music Piracy is a genuine problem?

This continuously updated year-long counter is the world’s first, and most accurate estimate of how many illegal songs are being traded every second of every day over the Internet, worldwide!

Over 25 million illegal songs are shared over the Net each day!*

New York City – If you took all the reported crimes, robberies, muggings, burglaries, thefts, vandalism, pickpocketing, and stolen automobiles (for the entire year!), they still wouldn’t add up to the number of illegal songs downloaded every 11.5 minutes…

In the time it takes you to read this, 1445 more copyrighted songs have been stolen!

Quote: Michel Lambot, President of IMPALA (Independent Music Companies Association)

“One day, my kid came home with lots of candies. When I asked him how he paid for them, he answered; “Easy! You just have to help yourself and put them in your pockets!” I forced him to go back to the supermarket and give them all back. I explained to him how and why the people working in the supermarket needed to get paid, how and why the delivery people needed to get paid, how and why the workers in the factory needed to get paid, how and why the farmers making the raw product for the candies needed to get paid… Is it normal that the people who make music that speaks to your heart, those who work hard to make the music available, those who work in the record stores and supermarkets to deliver the music are not getting paid? Is it normal to let your kids steal candies? Worse – are you stealing candies yourself?”


Now that’s a mouth full!

How many hot dogs would you have to eat to equal the number of stolen songs each day?

You would need to cram 1,447 hot dogs inside your mouth with every bite!
No stopping for 24 hours–not even to breathe!
And have a wallet large enough to buy (and eat) $171,875 worth of hot dogs every minute!

Still not sure whether online Music Piracy is a genuine problem?