Thanks for visiting our resource section. Here you will find a number of essential tools and utilities that we have found very helpful in running our own music business. These tools will help you run, market, promote and manage your artistic career. Please check back here on a regular basis as this section is being added to constantly. If there is something special that you feel should be included here then please go to our contact page and tell us using the online suggestion form.


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The Indie Bible

You may already know about this one but just in case you don’t I am mentioning it here! I am in the business and even I find it useful. It is packed with the contact information of people that will look at your music and give it a chance. The articles in the last section of the book are well written and very informative. Any one interested in a career in Music is making a big mistake if they do not have a copy of this book!  Web Hosting Web Hosting

Due to the large number of domains we host we use a variety of different web hosts. These people seem to offer the best price and the best customer service so they are our vendor of choice in so far as web hosting is concerned. If you need a web site, then this is a great place to put it!


Rent A coder

We have used the services of this group to design logo’s and web pages. We have used them to write custom programs for us including some of the databases in use on this website. Most important we have used them as part of our web marketing efforts to direct traffic to the site. This web site is on of the most useful tools I have ever come across. We have also used them to do research and writing. If you go through our 15 step program I can guarantee you will want to use these people.



This is another extremely important one. You want to sell your music online and you need a way to do it. This is the way to go. They have a great shopping cart system and they have what they call a digital delivery system that is ideal for selling on line media files. We use this same system to sell our e-books and software as well. if you use any of our 15 step programs you will find this site becomes essential to your success!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Ok here is another essential tool Use paypal in conjunction with to sell your products on line. You can also use it to receive money for album sales and for other promotional campaigns. This is pretty much an essential tool for any of the “online” generation.


Call ordinary phones anywhere in the world from your computer for the price of a local call with SkypeOut.

This is a VOIP program this in our experience works amazingly well no matter where you live. Since the Music Media Entertainment Group does business with entertainers from all over the world, the discovery of skype has saved us a huge amount of money.



Well everyone needs to buy gear and here is where we recommend you get yours. We have found their service to be excellent and they give free shipping on orders over $99.00 which for us seems like a great deal.


Live 365 Radio – Listen or broadcast

Create Your Own Radio Station - Live365

This is  the world’s largest radio network on the Internet, with over 15,000 stations spanning myriad genres in over 150 countries. You want to make sure you get your music played on here!!!


CD Universe
Every so often we need to purchase CD’s and DVD,s for our own libraries and when we run out of stock we use these folks. They sell CD’s and DVD’s on average about 30% less then most of the other places you can buy them.
Here is a company that specializes in the sale of directories that list possible corporate sponsors. We have used them in the past and they seem to keep their database accurate and up to date.