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Protect your music from online piracy.

Protect yourself!

You want to get your music out in front of as many people as possible and you want to use your music to make money!

Protect yourself and your Investment!

Protect your work from online piracy and promote your music with our new state of the art “Media Protection & Promotion Technology”.

Eliminate the losses due to piracy and keep the money generated by your music in your pocket!

The Music Media Entertainment Group is an advocate of copyright protection and very much opposed to music piracy in any and all forms.The Music Media Entertainment Group also recognizes the need for releasing music on the web as a means of promoting new artists and getting them more exposure. With this in mind we developed our “Media Protection & Promotion Technology” as a means of ensuring that music released onto the web stays on the web and can not suddenly be transferred to CD, IPOD or any other media without our artists consent.This technology makes sure that your audiences and fans can hear your music online. Should they wish to hear it off line in their cars or on their IPOD this technology will ensure that they need to buy the CD or DVD or the electronic downloadable media file. This technology lets you keep control of your work even when it is released for distribution online. Do you want the tracks you release to remain playable for ever? They can! Do you want them to expire after a preset period of time? This is possible too!

This same technology will protect your music and insure it is presented in the way it was intended. If you release an album of songs it will prevent individual tracks from being copied and distributed.

In future releases of the technology your public performances will be protected from illegal recordings being made and distributed. It will prevent your media from being mass copied and distributed and it will make sure only those that purchase your work get access to your work.